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It's about technology first.

The dark side

I'm in the business of understanding what platforms and information are dangers to your business. I don't mean Twitter or Facebook.  I do mean Satellite systems, eavesdropping technology, and the deliberate system of marketing stereotypes you buy into.  Systems that are deceiptful and destroy your bottom line.  My best case study is myself, this isn't a hobby. 


"HYDRA is out there. We cannot let them win. We cannot let them define us", says Coulson.

In retort to Sky's lament they will be "agents of nothing" without Shield.

                               A whedonesque moment.  It's simple, literally. The solution is US.


Not me, not you, not the agency, but US.  Us will carry on the fight. When I experience a whedonesque moment I  know it is one because I come, for a few seconds, to believe  that US can survive in the face of insurmountable obstacles.   US has no limit to the imagination, no boundaries, no numbers. Importantly, US are not totally good guys. And...I'm really not a believer, so even a few seconds...


That's US or Me...Superhero Against Human Rights! Shhh! for Short.

Not the guy all focused on the Nuts, that's my brother.

I'm the one trying to sit up straight, catnip's a little strong for me.

Super Prince, hero for the next generation.

These are the stories of Human Rights or wrongs as we tell them! Shhh!

US, Superhero against Human Rights or Shhhh!







    In the 40 years I've worked with computers, the last 25 as an activist, I've seen very few people attack the process that is creating a vicious cycle for pets. Fewer have detailed the patterns of human behavior created by dataveillance that facilitate animal and human abuse.

   First and foremost on AlphaCat I will be writing about technology, the dark side. 


  I've been online for over 15 years publishing court documents, FCC Letters with Seal of the Agency,   anything that could give someone else an opportunity to prove even a small fact about  how technology is abused, who knew what, where and when.   Laughingly, most of those documents are old news. It still appears that when I speak out about abuse that I can document, t the Silence of blacklisting remains.  That primarily means there are  times when I get more violence threats than a man who was actually published, Salmon Rushdie. Mine don't make  national news, some of them are covered up by the US Government and even the US Inspector General, who fails to act.


 Silence makes many people money, so it is golden. But people who give you information you need,

 protect children's rights, animal rights, right of the elderly and of anyone else who become victims

 in silence. I have not been paid in decades, but Ted Turner quickly paid the UN for their Silence 

 after I boldly included CNN in a report to the United Nations Human Rights Commision, as a player 

in a game of surveillance and eavesdropping in the 1980's. during my lawsuit against the NY Times. I sued the Times alone, pro se and informa pauperis in a  Title VII Civil Rights action claiming Retaliation with dataveillance.


wHere's my Paw Phone, it's ringing! Agent 99, where's my agent?


Please Donate at Paypal, or buy a story - coming soon. I am in the process of learning to set up and use Joomla, daunting considering my other work offline. I have fought for the Constitution for a decades while others gave up your rights in their silence, that includes Amnesty Int'l and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. I deserve to be paid and to not be without a home.



Learning Joomla! 








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